The steel-roller bale chamber with MPS is your guarantee for rock-hard bales with high core compaction. That’s because of the extra pressure delivered by MPS, the pivoting 3-roller segment in the ROLLANT tailgate. At the start of the bale formation process, the three MPS rollers project into the bale chamber. They are then pushed back up into their end position by the bale as it increases in size. Your benefits: The bale rotates right from the start and is compacted starting from a diameter of only 90 cm. The result is highly compacted bales – even at high ground speeds.

Bale chamber.

Smooth crop flow.

The cam controlled pick-up adjusts to any ground contours, even at high working speeds and while negotiating curves. Large guide wheels with tool-free adjustment keep you safely on track at all times.

ROLLANT 350 / 340

Maximum crop flow output: ROTO FEED.

The ROLLANT 620 RF – with the ROTO FEED system as standard. The rotor blades of the feed rotor are arranged in dynamic helixes to guarantee uniform intake and efficient throughput. The system is particularly well-suited to delicate types of forage such as alfalfa. The helical arrangement protects crops and produces top-quality forage.

Seven knives for greater output:


The ROTO CUT makes the ROLLANT 620 RC the perfect baler with cutterbar to use behind a combine harvester – reliable, fast and precise. The packer previously used in the ROLLANT 260 has been replaced by a spiral cutting rotor in the ROLLANT 620 RC. The result? Simply greater output.

Wrapping + tying.

Your choice of net wrapping or twine tying.

  • Optimally shaped bales: with new net wrapping
  • The choice is yours: net wrapping or twine tying
  • Direct view of the wrapping /tying system

Ergonomic CEMIS 700 control terminal.

  • New terminal with convenient user navigation and touchscreen
  • 7” display with very high resolution
  • Two camera inputs
ROLLANT 620 ARION 400 ATOS 300/200
Download > RGB (680KB)  |  CMYK (15MB)