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More automation and new convenience features for CLAAS headers

CLAAS is further developing its MAXFLEX and VARIO cutterbars with new technology and comfort features. The CEMOS AUTO HEADER innovation has been awarded a silver medal this year by the Agritechnica Innovations Commission.CLAAS is further developing its MAXFLEX and VARIO cutterbars with new technology and comfort features. The CEMOS AUTO HEADER innovation has been awarded a silver medal this year by the Agritechnica Innovations Commission.

Automated cutterbar adjustment CEMOS AUTO HEADER

When combine harvesting with VARIO cutterbars, the table length and vertical and horizontal reel position previously had to be manually adjusted by the driver in order to achieve optimal, even intake and crop flow. To make this easier for the driver, CLAAS has developed CEMOS AUTO HEADER, which is an assistance system with that automatically adapts the cutterbar settings to the respective harvesting conditions. The reel height is controlled on the basis of measurement data from a laser sensor within the FIELD SCANNER integrated in the cab roof. Vibration data recorded by a layer height sensor in the feed channel is also used to control the table length and the horizontal reel position.

As a result of the optimized cutterbar settings, crop flow into the threshing system is more even, which reduces the load on all units from the cutterbar to the feeder housing and the primary and secondary separation, further optimizing smooth running and at the same time improving the grain quality and ensuring constant outputs at maximum performance. The driver can fully concentrate on checking all machine data and quality parameters in CEBIS and on the crop in front of the combine harvester, as well as on the transfer process when unloading while driving. The FIELD SCANNER has an additional cleaning function for extreme operating conditions, so that reliable optical detection of the crop is always guaranteed both for automated steering by detecting the crop edges and for CEMOS AUTO HEADER.

New rapeseed knives and reel traction control for VARIO cutterbars

After the introduction of new rapeseed knives and a new reel drive for the three widest VARIO  cutterbars, these features are now also available for the smaller working widths. The new rapeseed cutting knives feature powerful mechanical drives with an integrated overload clutch and a cutting force that has been increased by 50 percent. This means that even the most difficult areas on field edges and bends or with heavy weeds can be driven through reliably and without problems. Thanks to an ingenious plug-in system with quick couplers, fitting is possible without tools within a few seconds on each side. Installation is also made easier by the 33 percent reduction in weight. Thanks to a new clamping device, the assembly and disassembly of the stalk dividers for grain harvesting is also simplified.

The new reel drive works with a gearbox instead of the previous chain drive. As a result, the automatic traction control for the traction-dependent reel height adjustment is also finding its way into the smaller VARIO cutterbars. When using the automatic reel system, which automatically adjusts the reel speed relative to the driving speed, a sensor continuously measures the hydraulic pressure in the reel drive. If this increases due to high harvest quantities so that the drive can no longer maintain the required reel speed, the reel height is automatically increased slightly until the required speed is reached again. If the pressure decreases, the automatic system lowers the reel again. Both the level of drive torque for triggering the control and the response behavior can be set separately in CEBIS.

AUTO FLEX mode and headland lock for MAXFLEX series

The AUTO FLEX mode of the cutterbar height control, which is already familiar from the CONVIO FLEX draper cutterbars with flexible cutter bar, is now also available for the MAXFLEX cutterbars. AUTO FLEX automatically adjusts the cutterbar to the lowest possible level, allowing it to work as close to the ground as conditions allow. In particular, this optimizes the harvesting of crops close to the ground, such as soya or peas, and relieves the driver. Thanks to its 180 mm flex travel, the flexible cutter bar can also adapt perfectly to rougher soil contours. From 2023 model year, the FLEX cutter bar of the MAXFLEX series with CAC sensor devices is now automatically switched to rigid when lifted at the headland, to ensure the reel can transfer the stalks cleanly to the table and to the auger.

The MAXFLEX cutterbars are also equipped with the new geared reel drive. As a result, from model year 2023, the automatic traction control of the reel can also be used for all MAXFLEX cutterbars.

Intent detection for all cutterbar series

A few years ago, CLAAS introduced header detection for selected combine headers, pickers and maize headers. From the coming season, all combine harvester cutterbar series will be equipped with this feature. As a result, the basic data and basic settings of the respective cutterbar, such as the working width and the cutterbar type, are automatically adopted from the combine harvester so that the driver only has to make adjustments to the harvesting conditions if necessary. The FIELD SCANNER also automatically accepts the relevant information for automatic steering and for CEMOS AUTO HEADER (VARIO headers only).

All innovations at a glance:

  • CEMOS AUTO HEADER available as an option for VARIO headers.
  • New rapeseed cutting knives for VARIO 500 / 560 / 620 / 680 / 770 / 930.
  • AUTO FLEX mode and headland lock for MAXFLEX cutterbars.
  • Front attachment detection for all CLAAS cutterbar series.