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XERION 5000-4000

The TRAC concept.

Wherever high work rates, productivity and efficiency are required, the XERION provides the perfect solution.

XERION 5000-4000

The TRAC concept.

Wherever high work rates, productivity and efficiency are required, the XERION provides the perfect solution.

Still unique.

The XERION is defined by a number of unique features:

  • Four equal-sized wheels on steered axles
  • Full frame construction for heavy loads
  • Continuously variable drive train delivering over 500 hp
  • Intuitive, ergonomic controls

With a fixed cab. The TRAC.

XERION 5000-4000

For arable farming.

On the TRAC the cab is fixed in the middle of the vehicle. It has large windows which offer excellent visibility all round the vehicle. Both the front and rear implement areas are in full view.

The TRAC is the perfect model for arable work such as tillage, drilling, field transport and slurry spreading.

Four equal-sized wheels provide excellent tractive power. They are also gentle on the soil. To protect the soil, it is important for loads to be evenly distributed across the two driven axles. Clever ballasting and the 100 mm ball behind the cab for the swanneck hitch distribute loads evenly and guarantee good traction during operation.

With a rotating cab. The TRAC VC.

XERION 5000-4000

Wide range of applications.

Some applications require particularly good visibility to the rear of the tractor. A rotating cab is ideal for applications such as:

  • Silo work (maize and grass)
  • Wood chipping
  • Mulching
  • Snow blowing

At CLAAS, VC stands for Variable Cab. The rotating cab is the most convenient reverse-drive system imaginable. At the press of a button, the entire cab moves from its central position to the rear-facing position above the rear axle in seconds.

The controls rotate automatically with the cab, so all functions remain the same when operating in the rear position.
For high driving comfort on the road, the cab is centrally positioned between the axles. In the silage clamp, on the field, in the forest or in the mountains, the XERION with the cab rotated over the rear axle becomes a user-friendly self-propelled machine with a unique view of the job in hand.

Load carrier.The SADDLE TRAC.

XERION 5000-4000

For specialist work.

In the SADDLE TRAC the cab is positioned above the front axle, leaving plenty of space behind the cab for a wide range of potential applications:

  • Slurry / digestate spreading and incorporation
  • Drilling and fertiliser application
  • Silage clamp work

A range of mounted tanks turn the SADDLE TRAC into a fully self-propelled vehicle.

Slurry spreading and incorporation.

The XERION SADDLE TRAC is an established presence in slurry logistics. The load is distributed over two driven axles and four large-volume tyres. When combined with crab steering, this allows low-compaction slurry spreading on grassland as well as intensive incorporation into the soil.

Drilling and fertiliser application.

A seed hopper with a maximum capacity of 13,000 l increases your daily output during drilling and fertiliser application by halving filling times. In the spring, a self-propelled vehicle with the load distributed across two driven axles allows much earlier fertiliser application with lower soil compaction.

Silage clamp work.

The SADDLE TRAC is also ideal for silage work, provided that the mounting area behind the cab is kept free. The 'silage front linkage' option has an optimised front linkage which can accommodate a silage blade up to 5.5 metres wide.
And of course, the SADDLE TRAC is also perfect for applications such as tillage and drilling.