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XERION 5000-4000

Optimised drive for outstanding results.

In CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS (CPS), we have brought together top-quality components to create a drive system that sets new standards and always delivers maximum power when it's needed.

XERION 5000-4000

Optimised drive for outstanding results.

In CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS (CPS), we have brought together top-quality components to create a drive system that sets new standards and always delivers maximum power when it's needed.

Performance packaged. The engine.

XERION 5000-4000
XERION 5000-4000

Mercedes-Benz OM 470 LA

Full power.

The latest 6-cylinder in-line engines from Mercedes-Benz meet emissions standard Stage IV (Tier 4). In addition to highly sophisticated technology, they offer a wealth of impressive benefits:

  • High torque even at low engine speeds
  • Torque is consistent over a wide engine speed range
  • Compliant with Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standard simply by using SCR technology
XERION 5000-4000

Mercedes-Benz OM 471 LA

Two engines for three powerful machines.

The XERION 4000 has an OM 470 LA with 10.6 l cubic capacity. The two larger XERION 5000/4500 models are powered by the OM 471 LA with 12.8 l cubic capacity.

Power equals efficiency. The transmission.

XERION 5000-4000

CMATIC means continuously variable.

CMATIC is the name of the continuously variable transmission technology used in CLAAS tractors. In the XERION series a ZF Eccom transmission provides efficient conversion of engine power. Four multidisc clutches ensure that power transmission always includes a high mechanical component, making the XERION particularly efficient.

XERION 5000-4000

Linear drive train.

The drive train is linear. This deliberate design feature ensures that engine power is directly transferred to the axles and PTO.

Selectable longitudinal and transverse differentials provide optimum power transfer when it's really needed.

XERION 5000-4000

ZF Eccom 4.5 transmission.

  • For all TRAC and TRAC VC models
  • The optional auxiliary drive makes it possible to install a power hydraulics system, allowing transmission of high hydraulic outputs at very low engine speeds.
  • Available for top speeds of 40 and 50 km/h in both directions
  • Differential lock
XERION 5000-4000

ZF Eccom 5.0 transmission.

  • 700 kg lighter than the Eccom 4.5
  • Permanent four-wheel drive
  • Reverse speed of up to 30 km/h

Single or dual wheels.

The two steering axles allow single wheels (four wheels) or dual wheels (eight wheels) to be used (TRAC and TRAC VC). One-piece or two-piece spacers can be bolted in place in order to fit dual wheels. The advantage of the two-piece spacers is that they give a transport width of 3.0 m with 710 tyres when the dual wheels are removed.

Bolted in place.

Bolted is stronger than welded. That's why the frame reinforcements are bolted in place. This further increases the strength and load-carrying capacity.

XERION 5000-4000

Long wheelbase.

The long wheelbase enhances driving comfort. But the 3.6 m spacing between the axles doesn't just improve operating stability – it also plays a major part in converting engine power into effective tractive power. Two steering axles ensure that the XERION remains manoeuvrable and easy to handle.

XERION 5000-4000

High load-carrying capacity.

The 110 mm ball hitch behind the cab supports a maximum drawbar load of 15 tonnes. A swanneck connection with mounted implements makes the tractor/implement combination shorter and more manoeuvrable than other attachment systems. The hitch ball absorbs the high loads and distributes them evenly across the entire axles.

Steering programs.

  • Remain active at the headland
  • Steering programs are overridden by tight steering lock (except for drive lever steering)
  • Maximum speed of 20 km/h when a special steering program is activated
XERION 5000-4000

Standard steering program

  • Combination of four-wheel and front-axle steering
  • From 5° steering lock on the front axle, rear axle follows the front axle electrohydraulically
  • From 12 km/h, continuous reduction in steering lock
  • Fully locked at 40 km/h
XERION 5000-4000

All-wheel steering

  • Rear axle is steered at the same time as the front axle but in the opposite direction
  • Axles move simultaneously

Main application

  • Typical field applications such as tillage and drilling
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • GPS steering only available in standard steering mode and gentle mode
XERION 5000-4000

Single-sided crab steering

  • Rear axle moves diagonally to front axle
  • Rear axle controlled via the CMOTION

Main application

  • All work on slopes
  • Ideal to prevent drift on sloping ground
XERION 5000-4000

Gentle mode (reduced crab steering)

  • Rear axle moves along a parallel track to front axle
  • 75% of steering lock can be used
  • Steering corrected by the steering wheel via the front axle (up to 4°)

Main application

  • Slurry spreading
  • Minimising the number of passes
  • GPS steering available
XERION 5000-4000

Full crab steering

  • Rear axle moves along a parallel track to front axle
  • Steering corrected directly via four-wheel steering
  • Can also be controlled via CMOTION

Main application

  • Rolling work on silos

Power where it's needed. The PTO.

XERION 5000-4000

Plenty of usable power.

When the PTO is running at 1,000 rpm, the XERION develops its output at a reduced engine speed of 1,730 rpm. Thanks to the simple drive train design, the full output is transferred to the PTO stub.

This enables you to reduce your fuel consumption while working at full engine output.

XERION 5000-4000

Several PTO stubs available.

  • 1¾", 6 splines
  • 1¾", 20 splines
  • 2 ¼", 22 splines (Ø 57.7 mm)

With the 2 ¼" PTO stub, engine outputs above 500 hp are effectively transferred to attached implements.

Keep up the pressure. The hydraulics.

XERION 5000-4000

The facts.

The XERION is equipped with three hydraulic load-sensing circuits:

1 Primary circuit for the spool valves and linkages

The performance figures for the primary circuit are:

  • 200 bar operating pressure
  • 195 l/min maximum supply volume
  • 105 l/min maximum flow rate per spool valve
  • 58 kW maximum hydraulic output
  • 120 litre tank capacity

2 Secondary circuit for oil cooling, steering and brakes

3 Additional third circuit (option) with a constant output of 80 l/min (at 200 bar)

Strong power hydraulics.

On the transmission there is an auxiliary drive which can deliver 250 l/min at 260 bar. This third hydraulic circuit can therefore provide up to 90 kW of additional output.

XERION 5000-4000

Connections at the front.

Two double-acting spool valves are available at the front of the XERION if a front linkage is installed.

Connections at the rear.

Six double-acting spool valves are available at the rear when a linkage is fitted, and up to seven are available when specified without.

XERION 5000-4000

Power-Beyond as standard.

The Power-Beyond connections with large-diameter lines and flat couplings at the front and rear provide a high oil delivery rate to attached implements with low losses.

Simply lifts more. The rear linkage.

Continuous power.

The 3-point hitch on the rear linkage is fitted with category IV hitch points as standard.

  • Double-acting rams
  • Continuous 10 t lift capacity
  • Vibration damping
XERION 5000-4000

The top link.

For the top attachment point on the 3-point hitch at the rear, CLAAS offers a mechanical top link with category IV (heavy duty) hitch points or a hydraulic top link with category III or IV hitch points.

XERION 5000-4000

The lower link stabilisers.

You can choose between mechanical and hydraulic lower link stabilisers. The hydraulic version provides the option of automating operating processes. The stabilisers can be locked and unlocked by a switch on the control panel.

The linkage can also be fitted with an internal reinforcement to give category IV N. The lower links are then directly connected to the tow hitch support, making stabilisers superfluous.

Loves heavy work. The front linkage.

XERION 5000-4000

Fully integrated.

The front linkage is fully integrated into the frame. The lower links fold in easily to reduce the vehicle length. Further benefits include:

  • Robust design
  • Continuous 8.1 t lift capacity
  • Double-acting
  • Position control
  • Vibration damping

Front linkage for silage clamp work.

These reinforced lower links can accommodate a front-mounted dozer blade up to four metres wide. A shear bolt on each lower links protects the vehicle chassis from damage.

XERION 5000-4000

Everything at your fingertips.

The CMOTION enables you to control the front and rear linkage easily with your thumbs without having to move your hand.

Very fast. Maintenance.

XERION 5000-4000
XERION 5000-4000

Fast maintenance.

The XERION is highly impressive when it comes to its very minimal maintenance requirements. The servicing interval for transmission, hydraulic and axle oils, for instance, is 1,500 hours. When maintenance does become due, it can be carried out quickly and effortlessly. The engine oil filter is positioned within the full frame for easy access.

Unrivalled deployability.

  • Oil-change interval for transmission, hydraulic and axle oil: 1,500 hours
  • Easy access to the engine oil filter
  • The one-piece bonnet provides easy access to all service points
  • A new engine air intake system increases the service life of the filter cartridge considerably
  • The service status is shown on the CEBIS display
  • Robust, easily accessible battery compartment
  • Coolant reservoir can be accessed when the bonnet is closed

These features combine to make daily service and maintenance tasks much easier, helping to preserve the value of your machine.

XERION 5000-4000

Cleaning up.

The XERION has an efficient, low-maintenance system for cleaning the engine intake air. Cyclones separate out the coarse dirt which is then removed by the exhaust system.

The integrated PowerCore® engine air intake filter is extremely robust, has high filtration performance and is easy to use.