Front attachments for every requirement.

The wide range of CLAAS combines offers you the right machine for every job. But the harvesting process starts with the front attachment and only the right one will allow your machine to work effectively and to perform to the highest standard.

The CLAAS classics.

  • CERIO: the standard cutterbar for high-performance grain harvesting
  • VARIO: the specialist for grain and rapeseed with an adjustable cutterbar table
  • MAXFLEX: the flexible front attachment for loss-free harvesting of crops close to the ground
  • CONVIO: the draper cutterbar for all crop types including those that grow close to the ground
  • CORIO: the proven pickers for grain maize and corn-cob mix
  • Folding cutterbars: the compact solution in smaller-scale settings

Overview of front attachments: