Look forward to higher throughput.

The new QUADRANT EVOLUTION is designed for very high throughput capacities per hour. Crop flow has been evened out and accelerated, allowing you to work faster and more consistently in the field. Starting with the pick-up, which effortlessly handles even large and uneven swaths. And finishing with perfectly formed, rock-hard bales which are particularly well-compacted at the edges for excellent stability during transportation and storage.

Individual strengths:

  • 56 ram strokes per minute for good throughput and excellent bale density
  • Hydraulically controlled prechamber for optimal bale weight, depending on crop volume
  • FINE CUT with 51 knives for outstanding cutting quality
  • 3.85-m-long bale chamber

Introducing the perfect knot.

Proven tying.

For more than three decades, CLAAS has been leading in the square baler segment. The CLAAS loop knotter produces knots that are 20% firmer than those of any double knotter, and as always it works without leaving twine residue.

Durable and highly robust.

Reassuring reliability.

The main tube, the tine bar and the two cam tracks are designed for very long runtimes. The rotor and packer clutches communicate with each other. The machine is always 100% synchronised.

Convenient and productive.

Relaxed comfort.

The QUADRANT supports you with a high level of comfort in all operations. Work with ease to produce perfectly pressed bales with particularly highly compacted edges for greater transport and storage stability.

High throughput, thorough work.

Top performance.

The POWER FEEDING SYSTEM (PFS) operates at a 10% higher speed. The pick-up, PFS and rotor speeds are matched to each other. Your advantage: evenly compacted, rock-hard bales with hard edges in any swathing conditions.

Sometimes getting the short straw

FINE CUT – hardly a stalk longer than 22 mm.

  • High forage quality with FINE CUT
  • Good livestock practice: a fine cut for optimum bedding quality
  • New knife group activation means less maintenance and saves time.

More cuts per minute.

Optimal silage quality with ROTO CUT.

  • Top silage quality with optimal lactic acid fermentation, thanks to ROTO CUT
  • Greater compaction and easier breakdown of the silage
  • Controllable knife group activation with the right knife for every application
  • Fewer blockages, thanks to the hydraulic cutting frame

Tidy knotting with TURBO FAN.

The TURBO FAN system cleans the CLAAS knotters in the QUADRANT 5300, 5200 and 4200 continuously thanks to its powerful airflow at a speed of 140 km/h and its active air distribution. As a result, QUADRANT balers operate reliably even in tough conditions or during long working days.

Integrated bale weighing system.

The exact bale weight is displayed on the terminal of the QUADRANT models during working, and is saved to the customer order. Thanks to the bale weighing system, the bale weights can be called up anywhere via TELEMATICS and undergo further processing.

  • All important data, e.g. weight, can be accessed via TELEMATICS on IMPLEMENT (TONI) or task management
  • Improve operating times, support the operator, optimise costs – all with remote access

Higher throughput.

The interactive drive protection system with integrated clutch in the transmission significantly boosts the torque transferred by the clutch (14% at the rotor, 13% at the feed rake). Both components (drive and clutch) are maintenance-free.

Automatic baling pressure control.

Optimum baling pressure at the push of a button: the automatic baling pressure control provides maximum operator convenience. Even less experienced drivers can easily operate the machine to its full capacity.


  • Intake + Crop feed
    Pick-up width 2.35 (m)2.352.35
    Number of knives2551
    Knife group selection25, 13, 12, 6, 051, 26, 13, 12, 0 / 51, 26, 25, 13, 0

  • Baling channel + tying

    5200 RC ROTO CUT

    5200 FC FINE CUT
    Ram strokes (rpm)5656
    Bale chamber dimensions L x B x H (m)3.85 x 1.20 x 0.703.85 x 1.20 x 0.70
    Bale length (m)0.50-3.000.50-3.00
    Automatic baling pressure control
    Knotter monitoring
    Bale weighing system
    LED package

  • Operation
    CEMIS 700
    ISOBUS cable

●  Standard      ○  Optional      □  Avaliable      –  Not available